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Get Started With A Cheap Com Domain
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"Why do I want a cheap com domain?" you might ask yourself.


Why not a .net, or .info, or .tv or .biz, .org, or any number of other types of domains?


Well, ".com" domains are the most prevelant and the most popular - ".com" is the default, and you could lost valuable visitors and customers by going with another type of domain.


Back when the internet was just getting started, domain names were quite expensive, but nowadays you can get your very own ".com" domain for about $1 a month - pretty cheap, huh?


I suggest that you get a domain with your company name in it, or if you have done some keyword research, try finding a domain with your specific keywords in it. You can do this by doing a simple "bulk domain search" withour bul domain search tool. Just enter your domain you are searching for, and it will bring open a new window where you can do a "bulk domain search" and enter all of your keywords to see if your domain name is available.


I would also recommend that you register your own name - - as you never know when it might come in handy to have, and you certainly don't want someone else to be using your name!


Adam Spiel