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  Top 10  Free Website Tools And Tricks

Website Resources and Tips

Top 10 Free Website Tools and Tricks

7 Deadly Website Sins

A lot has been said and written about your website marketing, your SEO, your content, your social marketing, etc…but how about the actual tools in your online arsenal to help you accomplish those tasks?

Do you have to pay lots of money for expensive software?

Or can a free version really be worth using?

Well, I admit. I’m a bit of a fanatic when it comes to software, websites and computers (if you don’t believe me, just ask my wife about my Mac and my iPhone…) I love finding and trying out new tools and software, and especially finding better, faster, cheaper ways to help me with my websites and my business online.

While in some cases you do definitely get what you pay for, today I’m going to be bringing you my “Top 10 FREE (or nearly free!*) Website Tools and Tricks” that will give you every bit as good results (and sometimes better) than their paid counterparts. You can get the same great results without having to pay an arm and a leg to get all the tools that you need for your online business.


#10 – FREE PDF CREATOR (and other office tools)

You don’t need to spend a dime and get Microsoft Office if you don’t want to – has done a terrific job with their applications (similar to Excel, Word and others...) and best of all they are free! Ever need hyperlinks in your ebooks, or pdf articles and reports? Don’t worry about paying for Adobe Acrobat, I use the OpenOffice document writer to create free pdf documents with active hyperlinks, and the ability to protect my pdf documents as needed. Great tool, you don’t need to by Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat, and it’s free.



Most of you might already know, but there are some great free HTML editors out there – one that I recommend is Unless you are going to be doing some major HTML and CSS editing, Pagebreeze will do just fine for the basics.  If you are going to be doing a lot of HTML editing and need the extra features, everyone has their own opinions but I really like Dreamweaver.   And to upload all of your files to your web host,  Filezilla  is a great free FTP software



Well, you all probably know that there are hundreds of free WordPress theme directories out there, but how about templates for designing just a normal website? currently has 2080 open source and free website template designs. They are all pretty basic, but it can help give you a start.



Ever need to crop or adjust an image? How about resize?  is a fast, easy-to-use free online Image editor. Picnik makes it easy with just a few clicks, you download your new image, and you are good to go!

Another free image editor called Gimp is a robust application you can download for free to edit your images as well.



Have you seen all of the cool things you can do with the fantastico software, and install with one-click on your website! Here are just a few highlights from Fantastico solutions:

PHPforms in cPanel- If you need to create any forms on your website, and you already have cPanel with Fantastico, you most likely already have PHP Forms, and you can create your own free website forms, contact forms—whatever you want! All with this cool little PHP program.

You already know about Wordpress, Joomla is another CMS (Content Management System) with different themes you can configure similar to Wordpress.

Now, granted, some of the Fantastico free scripts are cumbersome and difficult to use –especially if you don’t have any programming experience. I don’t recommend all of the free scripts in Fantastico, but there are a few good website solutions in Fantastico that are very easy to use, and even easier to install with the 1-click installation in cPanel.


#5 – FREE WEBSITE/SEO TOOLS This is a great site – it’s got backlink checkers, spider view, URL redirect checker, cloaking checker, keyword density, PR prediction, reciprocal link checker, reverse IP, and so much more!  I’ve got this site bookmarked, and I go back to it again and again. It is a great website resource.



When it comes to searching for keywords, whether it be for SEO or for PPC, if you try and guess you’ll likely be wrong.

The good thing is that there are so many great keyword tools out there that can help you discover and analyze your keywords for free. Here are a few that I use: (free 12 day trial – highly recommended along with the Free 30 Day Challenge by Ed Dale and the gang each year which gives TONS of great SEO and niche marketing testing videos and training away for free – you can check all their videos out on YouTube)


** And if you are going to be doing PPC, I highly recommend you downloading the free Google Adwords Editor, and the free Keyword Manager from Revenue Wire



Camtasia 6 has a 30 day free trial, but you can find the full version of Camtasia Version 3 – for free all over the internet. (and trust me, Camtasia Version 3 has all the basics that you need)

**(for Mac Users, I highly recommend Screenflow – it works great, and also has a free trial)

Jing – free software, records up to 5 minutes, good for short messages to capture your screen--- instead of typing an email, you can show someone exactly what you are talking about

Xiosoft Teleseminar / Webinar – Host and record your own teleseminars and webinars with easy-to-use scheduling and set up. (just $1.00 for a 21 day trial)

Record Skype calls with Pamela – for easy sharing, whether it be for your blog, a new product interview, or your own podcast! I use this tool all the time- it’s awesome! (free 30 day trial)



Google Webmaster – How google views your website is important – you can update your sitemap, set your www or non-www preferences and run diagnostics to make there are no errors on your site.

Google Analytics – very easy to install and set up

Google Website Optimizer- split test web pages, sales pages, squeeze pages – anything you want.

How do you know if you have a real winner? Check out – you just enter in the number of clicks and your CTR, and it will tell you if you have a clear winner or not.


**Now, if you want to get a bit more advanced with your website testing and tracking, here are a few *paid* options that are definitely worth looking into:

Clicktale- will record visitor sessions for you, and you can watch how your visitors interact on your website. Where do they click? Where do they bail? Where do they look? Where do they get hung up? You can see it all with Clicktale.

Enquisite and RavenSEO for organic SEO monitoring

Woopra for real-time website tracking and statistics




Survey Monkey – easy to use survey tool, free version with 10 questions and up to 100 responses

TubeMogul – free video submission without having to pay for a service like Traffic Geyser, includes built in video statistics and tracking

Social Marker – free social bookmarking to hundreds of bookmarking sites

OnlyWire – free social bookmarking to 30 bookmarking sites with just 1 click!

BaseCamp – great project management tools, file sharing and collaboration with multiple people (free 30 day trial)

Google Groups – another great free way to share information and collaborate with a group (with file size sharing limits)

Team Viewer – free remote desktop, desktop sharing/presentation software

DimDim – free VOIP calls, desktop sharing, and online collaboration

Skype – (of course) free international skype-skype VOIP calls and video conferencing


 OK, by now you’ve realized that I’ve got a lot more than 10 website tools here – well, I couldn’t help myself. As I was digging through my computer I kept finding more and more free tools and software that I’ve found very useful, so I had to break it down into 10 categories.

At any rate – I hope you find this list useful, and helpful so that you don’t have to go out there and spend a lot of money on website tools, especially if you are just getting started out online.

Above all, remember that these are just what I said they are – tools. They don’t do you any good if you don’t use them, and if you don’t need them right now, then don’t worry about them. Just save this list, and you can come back to it when you do need it.


For more Website Development tips including keyword tools, website development tools, website listing directories, SEO and can get my new website resource guide by going here:

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Why most websites are dead on arrival the day they are launched,
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Adam Spiel