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I am not getting emails from Pro Host Management? How do I whitelist?

Spam filters are a horrible problem for everybody these days and there will probably be messages you were supposed to get that you didn't get. (Sometimes even individual messages sent to a single person get eaten.) And... if you use AOL or Hotmail, please use a something else. AOL is especially horrible. They eat messages even if you whitelist the sender six times. (Gmail is pretty good BTW.)

How To Whitelist:

Whitelisting is the process of making sure that certain email addresses are deemed “acceptable” and therefore not blocked by your email program or ISP as “spam” or “junk email.”

Because a good portion of our commuication to you will come in the form of email announcements, it is very important that you whitelist us.

If you use a desktop program to view your email.

The easiest way is to just add the address to you address book or friends list.

If your program has a whitelist option you can also add us as a safe sender:

The email address to whitelist is:

And the “From” name to whitelist is: Pro Host Management

For AOL, Yahoo, MSN and Hotmail Users - and Spam Arrest Email Control Users

Here are some simple whitelisting instructions for a few email providers:

1) If you’re a Spam Arrest or other similar service,
whitelist this email address

2) If you’re a Yahoo webmail user, here’s how to add us to
your Yahoo whitelist:

*Check your inbox AND bulk folder for our email*

- Open your Yahoo webmail account
- Click “Mail Options”
- Click “Filters”
- Click “Add Filter”
- Where you see in the top row labeled “From Header”, make
sure “contains” is selected
- Click in the text box next to the same drop down menu and
enter the address in the “From” line of our email (or select
our email address from the list provided)
- At the bottom where it says “Move the message to” select
- Click the “Add Filter” button again.

3) If you’re an AOL user, check your Inbox and Spam folder
for our email

- Go to “Mail Controls”
- Select the screen name we’re sending your email to
- Click “Customize Mail Controls For This Screen Name”

For AOL Version 7: In the section for “exclusion and
inclusion parameters”, include this domain:

- Click “Next” until the Save button appears at the bottom
- Click “Save”

4) If you’re an MSN/Hotmail user, check the Inbox and Bulk
folder for our email

- Click the “Options” tab
- Under “Mail Heading” select “Safe List”
- In the space provided, enter this address:

- Click “Add”
- Click “OK”

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