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Hosting Account Cancellations

First off, we are sorry to hear you want to close your account with us. We hope you will always remember Pro Host Management when choosing a hosting company in the future. To close your Hosting Account, you will need to login at: Once you are logged in. Click on Hosting Accounts at the top of the page, then click View Details on the hosting account you wish to choose. Then at the bottom of the bottom of the page click on the Cancel Account button. You will be asked why you are wishing to close your account and we would appreciate it if you can leave us a detailed explanation of why you are choosing to leave ProHostManagement and then click if you want to have your account closed immediate or at the end of your term. Also, if you are in your money back guarantee for your new hosting account and wish to take advantage of that, you do need to request to have your account refunded in the cancellation request text field and one of our billing specialist can do so. That will take care of your Hosting Account portion, if you need to turn off any of your domain name renewals, you can simply click on Domains at the top of the clients page, and then choose each domain and turn off the auto renew on each domain

NOTE: Cancellations can take up to 5 work days to process.

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